Training & Education Courses

USA Rugby runs World Rugby courses in the coaching, refereeing, and medical strands.

These courses are all available for registration in the USA Rugby Learning Center.

Access the USA Rugby Learning Center from your "My Profile" page in Rugby Xplorer. Once on your "My Profile" page, click on "Learning Center" from the left-hand menu. Click on the name of the person who is going to register for the course.

More courses will be listed here as they become available.

LEVEL 1 COACH (formerly L200)

Date Event Category
Nov 25 Chicago, IL L1 Coach
Dec 2 Salt Lake City, UT L1 Coach
Dec 9 Bozeman, MT L1 Coach
Dec 10 Carlsbad, CA L1 Coach
Dec 10 Torrance, CA L1 Coach
Dec 17 Charlotte, NC L1 Coach
Jan 7 Tempe, AZ L1 Coach
Jan 13 Grand Island, NY L1 Coach
Jan 13 Kalispell, MT L1 Coach
Jan 13 Sumner, WA L1 Coach
Jan 14 Richmond, VA L1 Coach
Jan 18 (Thursday) Chicago, IL L1 Coach
Jan 27 Eagle, ID L1 Coach
Jan 28 Boston, MA L1 Coach
Feb 3 Monmouth, OR L1 Coach
Feb 17 Des Moines, IA L1 Coach
Feb 24 Nashville, TN L1 Coach
Mar 2 Green Bay, WI L1 Coach
Mar 23 Hingham, MA L1 Coach


Date Event Category
Dec 2 Salt Lake City, UT L1 Referee
Dec 2 Ferndale, WA L1 Referee
Dec 3 Carlsbad, CA L1 Referee
Dec 3 Indianapolis, IN L1 Referee
Dec 9 Bozeman, MT L1 Referee
Dec 9 Weston, FL L1 Referee
Dec 10 College Park, MD L1 Referee
Dec 17 Knoxville, TN L1 Referee
Jan 7 Tempe, AZ L1 Referee
Jan 13 Richmond, VA L1 Referee
Jan 20 Virginia Beach, VA L1 Referee
Jan 20 St. Louis, MO L1 Referee
Feb 3 Towson, MD L1 Referee
Feb 24 Eagle, ID L1 Referee
Mar 24 Hingham, MA L1 Referee


Date Event Category
TBD TBD L1 Referee Coach


Date Event Category
Nov 12 Etna, OH L1 S&C
Dec 16 St. Louis, MO L1 S&C

LEVEL 2 COACH (formerly L300)

Date Event Category
Nov 4 & 5 San Diego, CA L2 Coach
Nov 4 & 5 Moraga, CA (NorCal Summit) L2 Coach
Nov 11 & 12 Etna, OH L2 Coach
Jan 13 & 14 Emmitsburg, MD L2 Coach


Date Event Category
Nov 4 & 5 Moraga, CA (NorCal Summit) L2 Coach
Nov 11 & 12 Etna, OH L2 Coach
Dec 1 & 2 Salt Lake City, UT L2 Coach

LEVEL 2 MEDICAL - Immediate Care In Rugby (ICIR)

Date Event Category
July 29-30 Tucson, AZ L2 Medical ICIR
Aug 5-6 Pittsburgh, PA L2 Medical ICIR
Dec 16-17 Houston, TX (Baylor) L2 Medical ICIR

You can request to host a face-to-face course at your venue by completing the form here for either in-person or online courses.