Public Rosters

With the new Rugby Xplorer roll out, USA Rugby no longer needs Public Rosters.

Club Admins are able to look up whether a person has registered as a Member to their club for season 2022-23 on the RX Admin Portal.

Teams wanting to know whether their opposition are fully compliant with USA Rugby can see this now using our Find A Club feature. This will display (using a tick or cross) whether a club has:- A registered accredited L1 coach- Paid their club fees- Has 8 or more registered players 

Anyone can see the line-up of either team in a match using the Rugby Xplorer App. For those competitions that choose to use Rugby Xplorer to run their competitions, all team lists are published automatically on the app.Onlyplayers who are registered and in good standing can appear on a team line-up, so anyone can tell whether a given player is properly registered. (Participants may choose to hide their or their child's name in cases of child protection or other legal situations.)