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College Rugby Association of America

The College Rugby Association of America (CRAA) is comprised of the premier divisions within Men's and Women's Collegiate rugby - including Men's D1A and Women's D1 Elite - along with Women's D1 and Women's D2. CRAA is committed to creating the best possible experience for student athletes, keeping commercial resources in the collegiate game, and creating experiences for our members to engage their academic institutions and alumni.

American College Rugby

American College Rugby

American College Rugby (ACR) includes XVs and VIIs competition for Men’s D1, D2 and D3 conferences that hold their championships in the season that works geographically and competitively for them. ACR looks to enhance the student-athlete experience by instituting competitions of similarly-situated teams with equitable, enforceable and uniform eligibility rules and outstanding postseason competitions.

Beyond the traditional calendar of competition, ACR similarly focuses on coach, referee and player development in collaboration with USA Rugby Training & Education, along with robust All-Star Competitions to annually work closely with USA RUGBY High Performance Pathways.

ACR will partner with other USA Rugby member organizations to produce, attend, or compete in National Championship Events that meet the above standards.