USA Rugby Policies


In order to practice and/or compete in any rugby-related competition, the following registration conditions must be met for both/all teams involved:

  1. The club must have a current, paid registration with USA Rugby for the appropriate gender and level of play. The club registration status and expiration date may be checked on the team's roster. This includes teams participating in leagues, academy or motley teams, travel and all-star teams, or any team wishing to participate in a sanctioned event, gain liability insurance or gain tour approval.
  2. All players on both teams must have a current, paid registration with USA Rugby and appear on the online roster as a player for the current registration period Club rosters and individual member status may be verified here.
  3. High School and Youth players who register directly through a State Governing Body (SGB) may take additional time to process; regardless, USA Rugby recognizes these players as members of our union from the moment registration paperwork is filed with the SRO.
  4. Each club must have an appropriately certified USA Rugby coach with a current, paid registration affiliated to the club. All contact clubs must maintain at least one Level 200 Certified Coach, while non-contact clubs must maintain a Level 100 Certified coach.
  5. Each club must have at least 15 registered players (for fifteens) and 9 registered players (for sevens) to be considered in compliance with USA Rugby's Membership Policies.
  6. All clubs and individuals must follow all USA Rugby Eligibility Regulations, as well as all Union regulations and procedures.
  7. All Youth, High School and Rookie Rugby clubs or organizations that work with youth or high school kids must be affiliated and list under the residing state's State Rugby Organization for governance and affiliation to USA Rugby.
  8. All Senior clubs must be affiliated with their appropriate geographic governing body (union) and must additionally abide by any regulations set forth by this governance including any additional dues required by that body.

  • You ARE eligible for a refund if: The request is within 7 days of the transaction and you have NOT played in any match (scrimmage, friendly, competitive, tournament etc.)
  • You are NOT eligible for a refund if: You have played in any match, tournament, or organized play or the transaction date is more than 7 days ago
  • By refunding/cancelling your membership, you understand that: You are NOT eligible to utilize USA Rugby’s Accident Insurance Policy, you are NOT eligible to practice, compete or participate in USA Rugby activities and you are being refunded only the USA Rugby membership fees, NOT any regional fees, nor processing fees. Regional fees will need to be refunded from the region/union/SRO directly.