1. The club must have paid the $50 club fee to register with USA Rugby. This club fee is paid in Rugby Xplorer.
  2. A minimum of eight (8) players must have a current, paid registration with USA Rugby and appear on their club's membership listing in Rugby Xplorer as a player for the current registration period.
  3. Each club must have an appropriately compliant USA Rugby coach with a current, paid registration affiliated to the club. All clubs playing tackle rugby must maintain at least one Level 1 Coach accredited coach (non-contact clubs may maintain a coach with a Non-Contact Coach accreditation).
  4. All clubs and individuals must follow all USA Rugby Eligibility Regulations as well as all Local Governing Union regulations and procedures.

For all other questions, please visit our Information and National Office Contact page.

Collegiate and Senior Club (Adult) Policies

Please click the link above to read the eligibility regulations.

USA Rugby sets minimum eligibility standards that your team must adhere to during all competitive matches. It is your responsibility to review these regulations periodically and ensure that your team is in compliance at all times.

Youth and High School Policies

USA Rugby has provided a policy for all youth and high school-aged players in relation to time limits for games and time limits for days, as well as field dimensions. Please review this policy when scheduling any fixtures for youth players.

This guideline considers the suitability of mixed gender teams and the circumstances where girls should be permitted to play contact rugby with boys. The guideline takes under consideration the differences in physical and mental development of boys and girls at the different stages of progression through the established age-grade pathways within individual Unions.

USA Rugby has provided a policy for all high school rugby matches, including single school, multi-school travel club, all star and Regional All-Star Tournament teams.

Under 15 players should not normally play High School or U19 Rugby. This Guideline relates to players who are Under 15 years old (14 years old) AND in High School who wish to play in or be involved in training for, High School or U19 Rugby. Middle School players are not permitted to participate in High School Rugby. Players younger than 14 must not play High School rugby in any situation.

High School and Under 18 year old players participation in Collegiate or Adult Rugby:

High School Enrolled players or players under the age of 18 are not permitted to participate in Collegiate, Adult or Adult Elite rugby matches, scrimmages or contact practices. The waivers provided are only for exceptional players who are at least 17 years of age (cannot be younger than 17) and have the mental and physical maturity to participate in adult or collegiate contact rugby. ***BEFORE WAIVER CAN BE APPROVED, ALL players and coaches on the adult team who are 18 and over MUST complete the SafeSport certification course, found at education.usarugby.org. The SafeSport certification is a requirement to complete before submitting the waiver for approval of a 17 year old participating with an adult team.

High School and Under 18 Year Old Teams Playing Adult or College Rugby

Within this policy the following phrases have the following meaning:

  • Adult Rugby: Rugby played by teams comprising players normally of 18 years of age and older. For the avoidance of doubt, this includes games played at the U20 level and rugby sevens. These teams would be registered with USA Rugby as ‘Adult Clubs’.
  • College Rugby: Rugby played by players who are enrolled in a college or university. These teams would be registered with USA Rugby as ‘Collegiate Clubs’
  • High School Rugby: Rugby played between players enrolled in high school or of high school age. These teams would be registered with USA Rugby as ‘High School Teams/Clubs’. This includes high school single school, multi-school, community club teams and teams made primarily of High School Players.
  • High School All-Star Rugby: High school all-star and select side teams, not including community club teams. These teams must be sanctioned by the State High School and Youth Rugby Organization (SBO), Geographical Union (Local Area Union or Territorial Union). Non-Sanctioned teams fall under ‘High School Rugby’.
  • Under 18: Being under 18 years of age; a minor

High School rugby teams, High School All Star teams and rugby teams made up of high school students or ‘Under 18’ players are not permitted to play contact rugby against College or Adult teams. This includes contact rugby games, contact practices or scrimmages in sevens, fifteens, or any other denomination of rugby. This is for the safety of the players and is not allowed under any circumstances.

There are two separate waivers provided, one for these exceptional players participating in adult rugby and one for these players participating in Collegiate rugby. **Any adult team wishing to have an under 18 (17) year old player participate with the team, MUST have all players, coaches and administrators complete the SafeSport certification before the underage player is allowed to practice, play or participate.

Under 18 Players Participating in College Rugby (Effective September 1, 2013)

Please send your completed waivers to eligibility@usa.rugby for processing. Once your waiver has been processed, you will receive a reply with instructions for registration. Please allow 1-2 business days for processing.