Membership FAQs

Players are considered 'free agents' between seasons and/or when they have an inactive registration. Players can register to any Club.

When a player has an 'active' registration in the current season the existing club and parent organisation will be required to 'approve' or 'deny' the clearance request in the admin portal before the player can continue to re-register online to a new club.

  • When the player re-registers online, conversion discounts will apply to the relevant fees.
  • Registered Player tries to register with new club but is stopped and needs to submit a clearance request with supporting reason.
  • Clearance notifications are sent to player, existing and new club, plus parent organisation admins.
  • Clearance needs to be approved by club and parent organisation in Rugby Xplorer admin portal.
  • Once a clearance has been approved by both club and parent organisation admin the player receives email detailing the approved clearance.
  • Player then needs to continue registering online with the new club. This time they will be able to proceed through the registration process.
  • Conversions will apply where applicable.
  • The player is notified when they submit the clearance process and also of the outcome of the clearance.
  • The player will remain active at both Clubs, depending on their registration duration. Season registrations will remain active for the full season, while weekly and monthly registrations will expire as per their expiry date.

Combined teams and players who are eligible to play with multiple Clubs, will need to follow the process above to have active registrations in both clubs.

For players who are moving permanently, they should be removed from any 'Squads’ at their old club, so they do not appear for selection on a team sheet.

USA players will not require clearances for Approved Academies, "All-Star" or "select" sides, etc.