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Six Nations

Guiness Six Nations

The best in European Men's Rugby collide for this annual international showcase.

As more international competitions and USA Eagles matches are confirmed, tour packages offered will be updated on this page.


All players leaving or entering the USA must complete a form in order to be eligible to play in the USA or the destination country.

*Forms must be submitted at least four weeks before departure date.

Applying for Approval to Play Internationally

When registered clubs and players plan to play rugby in another country, it is mandatory that they receive "approval" from their governing rugby union. The union researches the applicants background and determines the applicants "standing" (registration, behavior, contractual obligations, etc.). The applicants standing will determine whether approval is granted or denied, ie individuals (player registration) and clubs (Club registration) must be registered and in good standing. Once an applicants standing is determined, a letter is sent to the applicant, and the foreign union involved.

Receiving approval to play in a foreign union is mandatory worldwide. Clubs and players traveling from the USA to play in a foreign country (even exhibition matches) should expect to be asked for their letters of approval from USA Rugby. Likewise, U.S. clubs planning to host foreign clubs or players should also request the appropriate approval letters obtained by the visiting club or player. In each case, it is up to the visiting club or player to obtain approval from their national union. A club wishing to host an incoming team must be currently registered with USA Rugby and in good standing.

If you are a club looking for an Inbound Application, please check with your local union.

Please note that international tour applications (clubs inbound and outbound) must be submitted at least four weeks prior to the date of departure. International transfers (individual inbound and outbound) must be submitted at least three weeks prior to date of departure. Please plan accordingly.

*USA Rugby is unable to consider or approve tour requests from individuals and clubs that are not current members of USA Rugby (registered within the membership system).

All USA players must complete the Individual Outbound form and return it to USA Rugby email

For teams and players leaving the USA to play in another country must complete this form at least four weeks before leaving the United States. The club requesting the tour application must be currently registered with USA Rugby. Completed forms can be returned to USA Rugby by fax (303) 539-0311 or by email

All foreign players and referees must complete the Individual Inbound form and return it to USA Rugby by email

Appeal/Challenge Fee (General fee,   not expedited) $50.00 Must be timely (within 10 business days of decision) 3 business days prior to match/event
Waiver Request $50.00 Within 14 business days prior to match/event 5 business days prior to match/event (Monday)
(Club) International Tour Clearance $50.00 Within 10 business days prior to departure 3 business days prior to departure
(Individual) Int'l. Clearance $50.00 Within 3 business days of match/event 3 business days prior to match/event
Certificate of Insurance $25.00 Delivered by close of business (MST, M-F) Request received by 5:00 pm