USA Rugby Referee & Laws Committee announce WPL Match Officials ahead of 2023 Kickoff

Fri, Apr 14, 2023, 9:17 PM
by Calder Cahill.

As the 2023 WPL Season kicks off this Saturday, referees have been selected for this year’s WPL Match Official Program with an all-new season structure and elevated competition on deck.

The crew consists of eight referees from across the USA and six referee coaches lead by WPL Match Official Manager, Amanda Cox. The selected referees are all part of the USA Rugby Referee & Laws Committee Pathway, which manages referee development and assigns the top 100 referees in the United States.

2023 Women's Premier League Match Officials

Amelia Luciano New England Rugby Referee Society
Andrew Stockton NorCal Rugby Referee Society
Dan Frankenfeld Minnesota Referee Society
Lindsey Oliver Southeastern Rugby Referee Society
Jenny Lui New England Rugby Referee Society
Marty Steffens Rugby Referee Society of New York
Mike Lawrenson Rocky Mountain Rugby Referees
Tim Lew NorCal Rugby Referee Society

2023 Women's Premier League Referee Coaches
Bob Hausler Potomac Rugby Referee Society
Miles McIvor New England Rugby Referee Society
Olivia Rogers Michigan Rugby Referee Society
Rosalind Anderson Rugby Referee Society of New York
Peter Watson New England Rugby Referee Society
Wendy Young Texas Rugby Referee Society

The 2023 team is dedicated to refereeing to a high standard that prepares WPL players for competition on the international stage. While doing so, they are also intent on creating a team culture that is supportive, positive, and caring. Weekly meetings are held every Thursday during the season where the group invites the team coaches to attend. Each match is discussed, and coaches are welcome to ask for clarification on any calls. The open collaboration is unique and goes a long way towards the coaches trusting the referee group is working in the best interests of the league.

WPL Referee Manager, Amanda Cox said, “We are looking forward to another great season working hard for the WPL. Getting the same type of match week after week for the length of the season is great for referee development. It helps with goal setting and growth. We have the best coaches in the USA as support staff for these referees. The team will operate similarly to previous years, as we find the format works well. The biggest change this season is the addition of our referee sponsor, Barb. We are excited about the partnership and support.”

Good luck to the group and the league as they kick off this weekend.