Juice Performer® announced as Official Juice of USA Rugby

Wed, Sep 13, 2023, 3:18 PM
by Calder Cahill.

USA Rugby and performance body fuel, Juice Performer®, today announced a new partnership that will see the tart cherry and beet juice provider become the Official Juice of USA Rugby, providing 100% juice to the USA Rugby National Teams.

Juice Performer provides performance and recovery supporting nutrients for pre, during and post training and competition. Juice Performer products will also be available to USA Rugby Members at a 20% discount as part of the 2023-24 USA Rugby Member Benefits.

USA Rugby GM of Commercial & Events, Brandy Medran said of the partnership, “We’re continually excited to bring on new partners who help provide necessary support to both the USA Rugby National Teams and our playing membership from coast to coast. Juice Performer brings an innovative product to the game of rugby as our teams prepare daily to compete at a high level on the global stage.”

Juice Performer President, Matt Herzog, said, “We are thrilled to be the Official Juice of USA Rugby. With the strength, speed, and physicality of rugby, every player across all levels of play can benefit from drinking Juice Performer. Our convenient cans of 100% juice will help these athletes train, compete and recover to their highest ability.”

Studies show, tart cherry juice helps decrease muscle soreness, fights inflammation and may improve sleep. These are areas of recovery athletes are always in need of, especially with the challenging demands of rugby. Beet juice has been proven to enhance oxygen transport to working muscles, increasing time to exhaustion and power output during exercise. It can also be used as a recovery tool to help with nutrient delivery to repair tissues more efficiently.

USA Rugby Sevens Sports Dietitian, Jacque Scaramella, added, “We are excited about the new partnership in order to provide the players access to food based products that help support performance and recovery. We are always looking for ways to gain the competitive edge against our opponents. Access to products like these provides us with an additional support tool to help put our athletes in the best position possible to maximize their training on the pitch and reduce muscle soreness and improve sleep off the pitch.

Our goal is always to have our players come back the next day ready to push speed, strength, and power and then improve adaptation by enhancing recovery. Both of these products are very versatile and we utilize them in a variety of ways to support our performance both in the daily training environment and on the road during competition.”