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USA Rugby Policies

  • Code of Conduct
  • Disciplinary Procedures

The Disciplinary process for members of USA Rugby is developed to keep the game and its operations safe, consistent and fair. The policies and procedures of USA Rugby's Disciplinary & Grievance Committee, appellate committees and grievance process are developed in partnership with World Rugby policy and US Olympic Committee policy.

For more information on the USA Rugby disciplinary process or the disciplinary process of one of USA Rugby's Geographic Unions, College Conferences or State Governing Bodies, please contact membership@usa.rugby.

Disciplinary Procedures


USA Rugby Staff:
Johnathan Atkeison jatkeison@usa.rugby National Office Contact
Matt Eason meason@usa.rugby Judicial Officer
Frank Merrill fmmjrdvm@sbcglobal.net Disciplinary Committee, Chair
Certified Judicial Officers:
John Coppinger john@donahue.com
Matt Eason meason@usa.rugby
Gary Heavner heavnerg@yahoo.com
Bob Latham blatham@jw.com
Fred Paoli fpsoli@bogue-paoli.com
Chris Picard rugby-referee@sbcglobal.net
Paul Rosenzweig paul.rosenzweig@gmail.com
Jim Russell jrussell47@msn.com
Justin Whitton jwhitton@whittongroup.com
Certified Citing Officers:
Davey Ardrey Kiwiconstruction@msn.com
Tom Coburn coburn5@aol.com
John Coppinger john@donahue.com
Amanda Cox amanda.referee@gmail.com
Jay Curtis arbitraje@mexrugby.com
Jen Gray jennifer.gray@world.rugby
Dan Hattrup dan.hattrup@gmail.com
Mark Huff mhuff08@yahoo.com
Mike Malone mgmalone@comcast.com
Jem McDowell jemmcdowall@uctt.com
David Pelton david.pelton@microsoft.com
Fred Thomas fred.thomas.cl01@statefarm.com
Jason Wallach wallachj@dsmo.com