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Under the USA Rugby bylaws, USA Rugby shall have the following standing committees: Nominating Committee, Audit & Risk Committee, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee, Discipline & Grievance Committee, Referees & Laws Committee, Medical Committee. Notwithstanding the foregoing, all committees that impact the International Athlete community shall have Qualified International Athlete representation, as required by the Ted Stevens Olympic and Amateur Sports Act and USOPC bylaws. Rules governing the appointment and election of committee members and the policies, procedures, and conduct of the committees shall be established by the Board, in consultation with the Councils, with the exception of specific Committees for which rules shall be described in these Bylaws.


The Nominating Committee shall be responsible for the recruitment and nomination of the Independent Directors, and consist of five (5) voting members; two Qualified International Athletes from the Athlete Council and one member from each of the Community Councils. A non-voting Chair of the Nominating Committee shall be appointed by the Board for a term of two (2) years. If the non-voting chair is an Independent Board Member that person must not be up for re-election. Paid employees of the Corporation are prohibited from serving on the Nominating Committee. The committee may enlist the help of expert guidance in the process as needed. Pursuant to its nominating duties as set forth in Section 5.4 of the USA Rugby Bylaws, at least forty-five (45) days after a vacancy is created or forty-five days prior to expiration of the term of an Independent Director, the Nominating Committee shall recruit, review and nominate a candidate(s) for each vacant or expiring Independent Director position. The Nominating Committee shall provide sufficient information about each candidate to enable the Board to make informed decisions. To contact the Nominations Committee, email nominations@usa.rugby.

Name Position
Rick Humm Board Appointed Chair (Non-Voting)
Jenny Lui International Athlete Council
Shalom Suniula International Athlete Council
Katherine Aversano Youth & High School Council
Paul Keeler Collegiate Council
Matthew Doss Senior Club Council


The Audit & Risk Committee ensures compliance with Article XIV restrictions of the USA Rugby bylaws by soliciting, overseeing, and making recommendations regarding the compensation of the Corporation’s auditors. The Audit & Risk Committee consists of five members: one each representing each of the Community Councils and two Qualified International Athletes representing the Athlete Council. The Committee may request and/or the Board may appoint subject matter experts to assist the Committee in its decision making process.

Name Position
Denis Shanagher USA Rugby Board Representative
Owen Power Youth & High School Council
Olivia Benzan-Daniel Collegiate Council
Jill Williamson Senior Club Council
Lauren Hoeck International Athlete
Fred Roedel At Large


The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee considers and makes policy recommendations to the Board and CEO on issues of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. These recommendations and reviews may address issues of representation, and under-representation in race, ethnicity, sex, gender, age, disability status, and any other protected class, as well as reviews of existing practices that may be impacting equitable access and participation. The makeup of the committee, as well as its full remit and powers are detailed in the Committee Terms of Reference, which are prepared by the committee and presented by the CEO to the Board for approval. To contact the DEI Committee, email diversity@usa.rugby.

Name Position
Michael Garner USA Rugby Board Representative
Lisa Rosen Board Appointed Chair
Phaidra Knight International Athlete
Jet Javelet International Athlete
Naima Reddick International Athlete
Miles Craigwell International Athlete
Rosalind S. Chou Collegiate Council
Katherine Aversano Youth & High School Council
Holly Abrams Senior Club Council
Amanda Young Cox Referee Representative
Marke Burke At Large
Tosan Tutse-Tonwe At Large
Stephane LeBois At Large


The Disciplinary and Grievance Committee considers and makes policy recommendations to the USA Rugby Board of Directors on Disciplinary issues, undertakes a formal annual review and revision of disciplinary regulations and procedures, and advises on specific matters. The committee submits their findings in an annual report to the USA Rugby Board of Directors. The make-up of the committee, as well as its full remit and powers are detailed in the Committee Terms of Reference, which are prepared by the committee and presented by the CEO to the Board for approval.

Name Position
Al Lucas Chair (Non-Voting)
Paul Rosenzweig Judicial Officer
Jim Russell Judicial Officer
TBD Judicial Officer
Megan Braun Senior Club Representative
Gary Heavner Collegiate Representative
Katherine Aversano Youth & High School Representative
Katie Dowty International Athlete Representative
Kelly Griffin International Athlete Representative
Tony Ridnell International Athlete Representative


The USA Rugby Medical Committee acts as a resource to keep the leadership and membership of USA Rugby informed about national and international sports medicine issues, particularly as it they relate to player health and safety in rugby and other Olympic Sports. The Medical Committee works in conjunction with World Rugby to implement health, safety, and player welfare policies. Additionally World Anti-Doping Agency, and US Anti-Doping Agency to be in compliance with Anti-Doping policies; and to review both catastrophic and general injuries to determine best practices and make recommendations for changes related to player safety and welfare. The makeup of the committee, as well as its full remit and powers are detailed in the Committee Terms of Reference, which are prepared by the committee and presented by the CEO to the Board for approval. To contact the Medical Committee, email mkeating@usa.rugby.

Name Position
Hamish Kerr, MD Chair
Michelle Look, MD Medical Advisor
Vonda Wright, MD Medical Advisor
Jeffrey Mjaanes, MD Medical Advisor
Matthew Schmitz, MD Medical Advisor
Ryan Carlyle International Athlete
Andre Blom, PT International Athlete
Jamie Burke USA Rugby Board Representative
Michael Keating Director of Medical Services


Referee and Laws Committee considers and makes the policy recommendations with regard to The Laws of the Game, rulings on Law, match officials (recruitment and retention, development, training, coaching, and performance review), Recommend and review of budgets associated with match officials, and create high performance pathways. To contact the Referee & Laws Committee, email jmcgregor@usa.rugby.

Name Position
Olivia Rogers Chair
Michele Yarbrough Vice Chair
Lee Bryant Pacific North
Marquise Goodwin Pacific South
Kahlil Harrison Frontier
Martin Dunne Midwest
Robert Gilmore Atlantic North
Mike O’Brien Mid Atlantic
Randall Johnson Southern
Derek Summers Red River
Phil Klevorick Independent At Large
Jason Divine Youth & High School Council
Riaan van Greuning Collegiate Council
Kirk Tate Senior Club Council
Deven O'Crump International Athlete Council
Amanda Cox Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee
Elvy Asonye Communications Director (non-voting)
Jamie McGregor USA Rugby (non-voting)