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USA Rugby Policies

  • Code of Conduct
  • Disciplinary Procedures

USA Rugby shall expect and require that all persons associated with USA Rugby to conduct USA Rugby business with integrity and to maintain the highest standard of personal conduct in the affairs of USA Rugby.


No person shall have a direct or indirect interest in, or relationship with, any outside organization or person or any internal entity that might effect (or be perceived by others to be affecting) the objectivity or independence of his/her judgment or conduct in carrying out his/her duties and responsibilities as an employee or USA Rugby member/leader/player/director.

Examples of such conflict of interest include:
  • Directly or materially benefiting from personal involvement with grantees, suppliers, sponsors, members, partners;
  • Acceptance of material payments, services and/or loans from such an entity;
  • Outside employment which might impact job performance or efficiency or employment with USA Rugby which might impact performance of a person in a volunteer position;
  • Ownership of property affected by USA Rugby action or acquired as a result of confidential information.

No person should use for his/her personal gain or disclose outside USA Rugby any confidential information obtained through his/her association with USA Rugby. This includes spoken, written and computer generated data.

No person shall make any illegal or unethical payments from the assets or resources of USA Rugby or in a capacity representing or acting on behalf of USA Rugby.

All persons shall be responsible for preventing the loss, damage, misuse or theft of property, records, funds or other assets belonging to USA Rugby.


No person shall encourage or accept gifts or gratuities for themselves, their families or friends, from any outside person or organization having, or seeking to have, a relationship with USA Rugby. If any person should receive any unsolicited gifts or gratuities with a value in excess of $100, such gifts shall be construed to be a contribution to USA Rugby and shall be immediately turned over to USA Rugby through any officer or the Chief Executive Officer as a contribution from the original source. Unsolicited gifts or gratuities of less than $100 may be retained but shall be fully disclosed as to the parties, purpose and amount.

Minor business courtesies such as payment for normal meal costs are permitted when arising from business connected with the activities of USA Rugby. Entertainment with an individual valued in excess of $100 shall be fully disclosed as to the parties, purpose and amount.


USA Rugby members and employees shall:

  1. Maintain high standards of moral and ethical conduct
  2. Abstain from the use of illegal drugs and from immoderate consumption of alcohol
  3. Not commit a criminal act while representing USA Rugby;
  4. Abide by the rules of all USA Rugby competitions.

This code will be provided at least annually to each staff member, coach, national teams player, officials and administrators. (Staff members will receive and acknowledge the statement of policy at the beginning of their employment). The code is not intended to supersede any other policy (ie. National Team Agreement or Bylaw on Member misconduct, etc.) but is to complement and strengthen the organization.


All situations involving a conflict of interest in a business relationship, or in outside activities, should be reported and/or approval obtained. A staff person will make full disclosure of the nature and extent of any actual or potential conflict of interest to the Chief Executive Officer, while a USA Rugby Member will make full disclosure to the Chair of the Audit and Risk Committee. They will determine the existence of the conflict and the appropriate action if needed.

Reporting a questionable situation does not imply a conflict of interest or impropriety, but affords the opportunity of review and obtaining the necessary approval, if appropriate.

Individuals in a position of conflict are precluded from participating in any further consideration of or action related to the conflict matter. The existence of the conflict will be reported in the minutes of a committee or Board Meeting or, in the case of a staff member, noted in their personnel file.

Violation of this conduct policy is grounds for dismissal as a Board Director, Committee member or Employee, and may result in suspension or termination of USA Rugby Membership.

A conflict of interest disclosure statement will be circulated to volunteer leaders and employees at least once a year.